Is the science of astrology supported by evidence?

By | 04/09/2021

Are there any evidence to support the science of Astrology?

Astrology can be used to predict future events and the personalities of people, just as scientific ideas can generate expectations. Some people believe that astrology can be supported by evidence, the personal experiences of those who have used it.

Both radio waves and brainwaves are electromagnetic waves. They are difficult to measure, unlike radio waves.

If certain positions of planets in space cause interference in the propagation radio waves, then it can also impact humans.

Dr. Percy Seymour (British Astrophysicist, Astronomer),PhD says that the role of the revolving moons is very important in the development and brain development of a foet us.

Percy Seymour, an English astronomer, has developed a scientific theory about astral influences. It describes the solar system’s intricate web of planetary resonances and fields. Astrophysicist Seymour is a respected authority in cosmic magnetism and telegraphs the effects of the Sun, Moon and planets to us through magnetic signals. Magnetism, which is omnipresent in the universe, has been shown to have an effect on the biological cycles of many creatures, including humans. Seymour’s multilink theory explains that magnetism is omnipresent throughout the universe. It creates sunspots from the gasses of the Sun. These particles emit energy and travel through interplanetary space to strike Earth’s magnetosphere. This rings it like a bell. These planetary magnetic signals can then be detected by the neural network in the fetus’ womb and signal the birth of the child.

The brain is affected by fluctuations in Geomagnetic fields. These signals are telegraphed to planets Sun and Moon, where they are perceived by foet us’ brain neural networks.

Geomagnetism results from the revolving of planets. Thus, the planets play an important role in the brain and body development for human foet uses.Is the science of astrology supported by evidence

From a scientific perspective, looking at star signs.

A hospital in Argentina uses astrology to treat depression and anxiety. It gives patients an insight into their astrological personalities. The leading astrologist creates a star chart and gives guidance based on each patient’s sign, such as whether they are an Aries, Taurus or so forth.

It is not surprising that the astrology workshop has been criticized for its scientific validity.

According to Diego Andres Golombek (a professor at the University of Quilmes, Argentina), “Astrology is not harmful unless it provides directions and instructions on how to proceed with, say, a medical condition or treatment.”

Astrology can be proven or disproved.

Many skeptical scientists insist on “irrefutable scientific evidence” before they are open to the idea of a connection between celestial and terrestrial. Some Astrologers believe that astrology cannot be verified using the scientific method. These positions, as you will see, are more about protecting their beliefs than investigating science.

According to some researchers, astrology can be proven or disproved by a single dramatic study. Although you can in math deduce proofs to prove a proposition is true, it is much more difficult in the natural sciences. Science is built on the accumulation of empirical evidence. Each replication makes the theory more convincing and solid, but new evidence can prove a claim false or require modification at any moment. It remains a theory or hypothesis, and cannot be made into an eternal proof or a universal rule.

An Increasing Body of Evidence

Scientists and astrological experts have discovered increasing amounts of evidence that there is a correlation between the celestial positions of the earth and terrestrial life over the past 50 years. These statistically significant results were published in peer-reviewed journals, including Correlation (a specialist astrological journal). Ironically, the strongest evidence comes from experiments supported by skeptical groups like CSICOP.

Peter Achinstein is a philosopher of science and has published a book called The Book of Evidence. The book outlines the various conceptions of evidence and meaning analyses, especially in relation to the relationship between an experimental observation and a scientific hypothesis. The idea of evidence, whatever Achinstein tried to define, seems absent in the obscure beliefs of astrology. It seems that the idea of meaning is also absent.

If astrology is all about how the positions of planets influence us, what does the “strength” of a planet really mean for us? It isn’t clear. These cases require that meanings be explained in empirical terms, i.e. by drawing meaning from observational correlations.

Many people have been exposed at school to science and attempt to defend astrology. The superficial argument about how the planets affect human beings stems from a lack of understanding. It is usually like this: Planets (in Astrology, this means the Sun and Moon) influence Earth. They influence water bodies, which in turn influence human lives. This appeal is fundamentally to Albert Einstein’s and Isaac Newton’s laws of gravitation.

This analytical need for evidence and meaning is often met by appeal to unquestionable things, such as traditions. When rational sensibilities are threatened by beliefs such as Shuka Aston, the excuse of tradition can be used to defend them. Tradition can be taken as a basis for belief, a ground that neither reason nor empirical thinking operates. This is what is behind all superstitions and traditions. It is high time for a society that is guided by such baseless traditions to make a change and stop airing absurd programs about astrology on TV.

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