Is it true that all Rishis believe in astrology?

By | 05/09/2021

Are all Rishis adamant about astrology?

Although the Rishis were scientists, they were still spiritual.

The Rishis were known as “the scientists of Hinduism”, and they were the scribes of Vedas. To ensure India’s spiritual culture and tradition, they developed Sanatana Dharma, a spiritual science of Hinduism.

In the beginning, “Rishi” (or “rsi”) meant that Vedic hymns were composed and sang by singers. Post-Vedic traditions state that the rishi was also a “sage”, to whom the Gods revealed (Knowledge) the Vedas.

We would describe the Rishis as perfect human beings. They were able to co-exist with the natural world. They were humble and modest and did not harm anyone or anything. The Vedic literature states that the Rishis were capable of traveling to the realms with the gods or demons.

Many people have wondered if these extraordinary beings could predict what would happen in the near future.

Quantum physics says that past, present, and future are all possible simultaneously. Did the Rishis know about quantum physics?

Gayathri Mantra has been deemed to be the most powerful mantra in Vedas. This mantra is considered to be very powerful. Many Mahan big mantras were created or born from the Gayathri Mantra. It is therefore one of the most important mantras in all the Vedas. Gayathri Mata, also known as Ved Mata, is also called this. Because she is the mother to all mantras.Is it true that all Rishis believe in astrology

As our ancient rishis state that Gayathri Mantra should not be chanted by women, there are some confusions. The Gayathri Mantra should not be chanted loudly or through a speaker.

Our ancient Rishis advise that mothers should not shout their mother’s name out loud. Gayatri Mantra, which is also the mother mantra of all mantras, is also the Gayatri Mantra.

All of us might have done Yagona Pavit Sanskar as children. This is where a teenager boy must perform strict Vedic rituals. He must offer water to God Sun, pray to Gods and chant the Gayatri mantra. He must not break the ritual. If he does, he should re-start the rituals from the beginning.

Although women can perform the Yagno Pavit Sanskar, even women can’t do it. However, our ancient rishis state that girls and women should not chant the Gayatri mantra.

Gayatri Mantra is not forbidden for girls. Our ancient Sages said that Gayatri Mantra’s effect on individuals is the reason that young girls shouldn’t chant it.

There is strong reason why women younger than 40 years old should not chant Gayatri Mantra.

Questioner: I’ve studied Vedic Astrology and am curious how astrology works. Is it the stars or intention and mind that define us? Or the self?

Sadhguru: It is more than the Vedas and Vedic culture. Sage Vyasa was the one who compiled all four Vedas. His father was Aryan, and his mother Dravidian. They don’t adhere to the Vedas in South India despite this.

Dravidian culture did not look at the stars to predict the future, but instead looked at the people. We have Nadi Joshyam. Astrology was a part of Aryan culture. Astrology is the interpretation of astronomy. Interpreting something is difficult because you will miss many points. It is a misinterpretation, because you missed many things.

Nomadic Aryans were the reason they looked up to the stars so often. They traveled a lot. They had to find the north, south, east and west because there weren’t roads. They knew when the sun rose. After the sun went down, all that was left was fire and stars. The Aryan culture was centered around fire and stars. People still go to fire to find out if they want to marry or do any other auspicious thing. Nomadic cultures lived off fire and stars. Fire provided light, heat and protection against wild animals. The stars showed you the direction to travel. Slowly, they began to see the stars and eventually discovered which direction to go. As they continued to look up, their knowledge about the stars grew. They began to interpret the stars and developed a certain mastery over them.

The choice is yours: you either try to predict the future or you can make plans and follow them. Every mind that is incapable of making a plan will search for one. You are far from the stars you see in space. Only one star has a significant influence on you: the Sun. The Moon, its satellite, has a similar influence on you. You are even more affected by this planet. The most powerful influence on you is what you are doing. A prediction is for those who cannot commit to a plan and follow through. Predictions have the advantage of being flexible. However, if you want a plan to work, it is important to pay attention to every detail. You must stick with it.

Vastu Works of Great Rishis

When the whole world was filled with water, Brahma wanted to create this Universe. Brahma created the universe with the earth, the sky, stars, the sun, moon, stars and their eight disas. These four sides, e.g. West, South, North and North, along with their four corners, were ruled by the Astadikpaias, who are the Panchabhutas, which is fire, air, earth water and sky. together with the 84 million creatures.

The benign God sees people according to their past actions and examines the discomforts and comforts of men and derives pleasure.

He makes good and evil in people’s homes. The extreme cold and hot conditions are unbearable for human beings. They build their homes according to the climate conditions that are most favorable for thorn. They have built villages, towns, and cities. They are able to prepare the ground and place the wells. They didn’t build houses by themselves. They were strict about building houses and following rods, etc.

Vamana Maya, Maya Maya, Narada Vasistha, Silpacharya, Santa Kumar and Vamana were great rishis. They believed that service to Man was service to God. Their ancient Palmyra leaf books containing their experiences with house building have preserved these stories. They were the authors of great works such as Vaastu Chintan mani, Vastu Pradoepika slips Sastra and many others.

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