How is astrology used to predict the future?

By | 28/08/2021

What is astrology for?

Astrology is a way to predict mundane events. It relies on the assumption that the celestial bodies, particularly the planets and stars in their various combinations (called constellations), either determine or indicate changes within the sublunary universe.

Astrology is a type of divination that uses the observation and interpretation the fixed stars, the Sun and Moon, to forecast earthly and human events. The belief that the influence of the stars and planets on earthly affairs can be used to predict and effect the fate of individuals, groups and nations by those who are dedicated. Astrology is often considered a science throughout its history but it is now widely disregarded by modern Western science.

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Astrology Planets and their Meanings, Explained

Elena Lapik

20.08.2020 Astrology and Horoscope


For millennia, people looked up at the sky and viewed stars and planets. It’s hard to tell when and how stargazing evolved into the science of astrology. That’s when people began to see the oneness between all they saw and all that was above them. Astrology is founded on the principle of similarity: everything above mirrors all below. Understanding ourselves through all that is visible in the sky helps us understand ourselves better. This is how horoscopes tell you about your present, future, and past. This is how the planets of your birth chart can have a significant impact on your life.

Modern people might be confused by astrology planets. Astrologers also identify the Sun, Moon and other planets. Their role is unique, even though they have been there for centuries. They shine down on us day and night. There are seven astrology stars: Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus Mars Mars Jupiter Saturn and Venus. Because astrology has used these planets since ancient times, they are called traditional by astronomers. Neptune and Pluto joined the company as soon as telescopes were invented.How is astrology used to predict the future

Astrology has to do with planets

Astrology identifies the most important motivations and impulses that a person has. This is the driving force behind every person’s actions. Astrological knowledge is based on the eight astrology planets and the Sun and Moon. They were considered gods by ancient people, while modern astrology considers them archetypes. They are connected to psychic energy and the motivations that we express in one way or another.

Planet cycles

Each of the eight planets in the solar system, including the Sun and Moon, have their own orbits and cycles. They play an important role in astrology. Each one of them requires a specific amount of time to complete its Zodiac cycle. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus move very quickly (as do the Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Mercury). The Moon orbits Earth in 28 days; Mercury orbits the Sun within 88 days; Venus orbits the Sun within 225 days; Mars orbits Earth in 687 days. Saturn and Jupiter have slower cycles. Jupiter orbits the Sun in 11 years. Saturn orbits the Sun in 11. 46 years. Neptune and Pluto, on the other hand, take 84, 160, and 248 years to orbit the Sun.


Mercury, the astrology planet, rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo as well as the third astrology home. Mercury is all about relationships.

It is the smallest and closest to the Sun. Mercury’s astrological function is to help with mind, cognition, consciousness. Mercury is responsible for understanding, and the desire to learn more about the world around us. It is also responsible for learning and sharing your ideas with others.


Sun signs are sometimes also known as Zodiac signs. The Sun is what determines which sign you were born under. If the Sun was in Taurus at the time of your birth, then your zodiac sign would be Taurus.

The Sun, as the ruler planet of Leo is the strongest when it visits this sign. It bestows many talents and creative skills on this sign, as well as the ability to find them quickly. People with strong Sun in their natal charts enjoy being in the spotlight. They try their best to be noticed by others. They are often in the top positions.

They use the words “I” and “me” quite often. They can be dramatic to get more attention for their partner. Although these might not be the most attractive traits, they are great at generating positive energy for everyone around them.

Sun is high in Aries. Its influence is stronger than in Leo. This is when individualism becomes minimalism and the intense desire to assert one self.

Astrology has been with humanity since prehistoric times. Astrology has been the engine for scientific thought for many millennia. It incorporated all disciplines that are related to humanity, religion, medicine and social life. The scientific worldview today lacks the same integrity as ancient science. People have a wrong idea about astrology in the modern world. It is usually limited to astrological predictions in the horoscope. This is a vast field of knowledge and merits students’ attention.

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